Game Preview: Game 1 Chicago Bulls @ Brooklyn Nets

20 Apr


Finally after a long, long journey, the Playoffs are here. The Nets had some bad years, at times it looked like it would never get  better (i’m looking at you  12-70 season..)  but the journey is finally over.  The Nets are a playoff team once more. Their first year in Brooklyn and theirs going to be a blackout in the Blackhouse. After a long season of ups and downs the wait is over.  The Nets finished off  the season strong and finally got a little respect from the media.  Deron is back to his old self and the team is healthy, lets see if they can make some noise. Lets see if they can make some history. Playoffs are where heroes are born, where legends are formed. Lets go Nets, lets make a run that the NBA will never forget.

Who? Chicago Bulls (45-37) vs. Brooklyn Nets (49-33)

When? 8:00 PM Eastern

Where? Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Where do I watch? YES Network/ESPN

Health will be a key component in this Series. With the Bulls already  missing Rose (very doubtful he will appear at all in the playoffs) they cannot afford to miss anybody else. Yet it now looks like Noah will miss game 1 and  is day to day for the entire series because of his foot injuries. This of course bodes well for the Nets who need any edge they can get. A series where both teams are very evenly matched and most pundits are saying it can go 6 or 7 games, a player missing just one game could make all the difference.  With that being said, Game 1 is now a must win for the Nets, they cannot afford to waste any advantages they are given.

Without Noah the Bulls defense will now be spread very thin trying to stop Deron, Joe, and Lopez, all 3 of which could score 30 pts on any given night. (and quite possible on the same night) I have to think the Nets will win game 1, with a final score of 90-85.


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