Game Preview: Game 82 Detroit Pistons @ Brooklyn Nets

17 Apr


The Playoffs are here! Oh wait not just yet, one more warm up game!  The Nets have a chance to tie for the second most wins in franchise history and a chance at sweeping the season series against the Pistons, for the first time   ever!! Exciting Stakes!!  More importantly though, they have one final game to get ready for thier first playoffs in what feels like forever!  (yes, I am very excited! can’t you tell?!!!)

Who? Brooklyn Nets (48-33) vs. Detroit Pistons (29-52)

When? 8:00 PM Eastern

Where? Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Where do I watch? YES Network/NBA League Pass

The Nets will play their starters tonight, but they will not play big minutes, just a final tune up before the fun begins on Saturday. Obviously the most important thing for tonight is for the players to get some minutes and not get hurt. I repeat don’t get hurt!!!!!!!

Prediction: This game will mean more for the Pistons than the Nets. The Nets will lead most of the way but unless the reserves play like they did Monday night, the Pistons will win in the end  95-90. (unless of coure the Pistons are tanking for draft position…)


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