Nets reserves chip away and come away with the win

16 Apr

nets vs wiz

After a rough first quarter in which the Nets were outscored 34 to 21, the reserve Nets started to chip away at the Wizards lead  and just kept on chipping until finally going ahead in the 4th.  They finished by pulling out an impressive  106 to 101 win.  They looked a little sloppy at times but that was to be expected since most of them haven’t had much playing time together.

The Good

Tornike Shengelia. the Toko Loko was in full effect. He grabbed 11 rebounds and had 11 pts in 25 minutes of play. He was all over the place, reminded me a lot of a vintage Gerald Wallace. Considering how young he is, I firmly believe that with a little time and experience he will develop into a very good NBA player.

Tyshawn Taylor looked like he was back in Kansas running the show, he had 14 pts, 3 assists and 2 steals in 24 minutes of play,  another rookie showing tons or promise.

The Bad

Everybody played well and its hard to say anything was “bad” about a meaningless game but I have to give this award to  Coach PJC.  I know its only 1 game buts its hard to think that these players couldn’t have helped the Nets during the season, if only PJC had given them more playing time. The energy alone that they brought would have been very useful during the season.

The Rest

With 4th place locked up and the starters resting, this was supposed to be nothing but a meaningless game.  Yet the reserves, played like it was their playoffs, they finally got some playing time and showed plenty of promise. It was a very entertaining game and I look forward to seeing the reserves play again in their  final game of the season.


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